Ghost from the Past
Chapter 3

"Is Trunk home yet?" Cira asked as she let out a big yawn. She sat in the living couch all night waiting for Trunks. But she fell asleep in the middle of the night.

"No. Haven't seen him all morning." Bulma said. There were black circles shown around Bulma's eyes. She hasn't slept either. Both of the ladies are worried. "Coffee?" Bulma handed Cira a cup of coffee.

"Thanks." Cira took the coffee and sat down on the couch again. She continuously looked at the front door, hoping Trunks will walk in any minutes. "I don't understand. Why did Trunks jet off like that?" Cira turned to Bulma and asked. "Do you think something had happen to him?" She placed the coffee on the table and started to pace around. "Why isn't he home yet?"

Bulma sipped her coffee slowly and kept her eyes on Cira. "Relax, Cira. Trunks is capable of taking care of himself. He should be back soon." Bulma threw a half-heartly smile. She's comforting herself more than Cira. She knew whatever caused her son to run out that door, it's trouble. She sighed heavily. She thought she could live through the remaining of her life in peace, but it seems to her, the stupid god wanted to put her through another adventure in her late fifty. I'm getting too old for this.

"I suppose you are right." Cira stopped pacing. "It's just that this has never happened before." She let herself drop on the couch.

Miko strolled down the stairs quietly with his dinosaur's pajamas, dragging his teddy bear. Miko headed toward Cira. "Mama, where is Torie?" Miko asked in his small voice.

Cira picked him up and placed him on her lap. She brushed his hair gently with her hand. Miko got his father's pale and silky hair. She smiled. "Isn't she inher room?"

Miko shood his head. "No, I went to her room last night, but she wasn't there. I thought she went to play, so I go sleep." Miko explained. "I was going to ask her to play with me now, but she's still not in her room. Is she mad at me? Is that why she doesn't wanna play with me?"

"Are you sure she's not inher room?" Cira asked. Miko nodded. Cira turned to Bulma. "She disappeared for the whole night. Where did she go?" Cira asked Bulma.

"Let me search the house for her and see if she's really not home." Bulma said, exiting the living room.

Cira wrapped her arm tightly around Miko. Why is this all happening? First Trunks, now Torie? She thought, worrying more. Miko stayed silent, sensing the uncomfortable atmosphere in the room.

Bulma returned a few minutes later. She looked at Cira and shook her head. "She's not in the house. She probably followed Trunks after everyone went to sleep." Bulma should of realized Torie would pull a stunt like that. That girl always like getting herself in trouble, especially when it comes to fighting.

"Oh no...can she be in danger?" Cira asked, worrying. "She might get hurt."

I doubt it. If she followed Trunks, Trunks will look after her. But just in case, I'm going to look for her." Bulma said. She headed to the door and grabbed her jacket.

"I'm going to." Cira demanded.

"You have to stay here and watch Miko." Bulma said, heading to the door.

"Miko can stay over Chi Chi-san's house for a while." Cira stated, clearly she already made up her mind. Bulma knew it's no use arguing with her, so she agreed to let Cira comes along.

"Where are we going? Mama?" Miko asked, looking up at Cira, confused.

"You are going to visit Chi Chi-san." Miko smiled widely.

"Let's go." Bulma said.

As Cell flew away, he thought of his humiliatin defeat once again by the low-class scrums. How can he still be so strong? My powers had tremondously increased over the decade. I should have surpassed him. Why can't I defeat him? If only he hadn't destroyed Android 17 and 18. Cell's face twisted with anger. I shall have my revenge. Cell passed by a small village. He licked his lips slowly. Time for lunch. A smile spreaded across his face.


"I wanna watch cartoons!" Yurohina screamed as she jumped up and down.

"No you can't! I ahve to watch the news." Ryshia grabbed the controller and kept it away from her bratty little sister. "And you better be quiet." She warned.

"I wanna watch cartoons! I wanna watch cartoons! I wanna watch cartoons!" Yurohina yelled fromthe top of her lungs.

Ryshia covered her ears tightly. "Wait until mom and dad come back." She threatened.

"I'm telling mommy you hit me." Yuroshina stuck her tongue at Ryshia.

Suddenly a loud explosion came from the front door. Ryshia heard someone slowly moved his way in the house. "Nani!!" She shrieked as she saw a green monster with a long tail emerged in front of her. The monster wore and eerie grin on his face. he grin put a chill through her body. Without thinking Ryshia turned quickly around and ran to her sister. She scooped her crying sister in her arms and started to run out the back door.

She heard the monster softly chuckling behind her, and footseps slowly advancing toward her. "What's the hurry, ladies?" Before the question was finished, the green things appeared in front of her, blocking her exit.

Yurohina buried her face in Ryshia's shoulder. She never been so scared inher life. She couldn't bring herself to look in that ugly face. "Wh..h.o you?" Yurohina heard her sister clumsily said. She could feel her sister's body shaking violently beneath her. She clinged to her sister tightly. MOMMY! DADDY! She screamed inside.

"You don't need to know who I am. All you need to know is you two are going to be my first meal." Cell smirked.

Yurohina cried loudly when she heard that. Ryshia's pair of leg paralzed from the fear. She tried to escape, but she knew there was no chance. Ryshia hugged Yurohina tighter. Yurohina... She saw his tail whipping toward her. In a matter of second, she felt a prick in her left arm. Ryshia screamed in agony as the pain started running through her arm and slowly filled her body.

Yurohina felt her sister's grip on her gradually loosen. She heard her sister bloody screamed. Yurohina fell next to whatever that is left of her sister. She whipped her head back and stared fiercely to the thing that unmercifully killed her sister. Her fist clenched firmly together.

"! What's with that murderous look." Cell said, laughing amusingly. "Don't worry, you will see her soon."

"I'm going to kill you! Yurohina yelled with a small shriek. She dashed toward Cell and pounded him with her small fist. "Give me my sister back!"

Cell roared at the effort this little girl display. How pathetic! Cell pushed her back with one hand and stabbed her with his tail. Cell grinned evilly as the little girl loud screams turned to whimpers.

Chi Chi stared at her reflection in the mirror. She aged dramatically during the last decade. She ran her hand across her face, outlining her deep wrinkles. She was no longer the young beautiful girl once married to the baka Gokou. Chi Chi spotted an old photograph on her dresser. She picked it up and brushed off the dust. The picture was taken when Gohan was just born. Her father the ox-king stood proudly in the back. Her husband, Gokou, smiled widely with his newborn son in his arm. Teardrops fell silently onto the picture. It had been so lonely with Gokou and Gohan here. She missed scowling at him whenever he tries to influence Gohan into fighting. She missed his easy-going nature and carefree personality. He always thought of a way to cheer her up when she's unhappy, even though he didn't realized what he did. But most of all, she missed Gohan, her only son. If it's not for those cyborgs, Gohan could became a scholar by now. A few more teardrops fell on the picture. There were times when she considers leaving this lonely place and followed Gokou and Gohan into their world. But she has to take care of her senile father.

Luckily these few years has been more pleasant for her. Trunks' son always comes over with Bulma and Cira. The way they pamper Miko reminded Chi Chi how she used to treat Gohan. She absolutely adored Miko. Sometime she even secretly pretended that Miko is Gohan. Whenever they went home, Chi Chi always felt a pinch of envy. Envy at Bulma for having a normal family, with a son and grandchildren to accompany her.

Chi Chi heard a knock on her front door. She replaced the picture back where it originally belongs and dabbed her tears with a tissue. She rushed into the living room and opened the door. It's must be little Miko and Bulma. She smiled as she opened the door. Just as she predicted, standing there in front of her was Bulma and Cira holding Miko. "Konnichi Wa Chi Chi-san."

"Konnichi Was Bulma and Cira, and how is my little Miko doing?" Chi Chi took Miko from Cira.

"Chi Chi-san!" Miko looked excited to see Chi Chi. Besides his parents and grandmother, Chi Chi was his next favorite person.

"Chi Chi? I was wondering if you can look after Miko for the day." Bulma asked.

"Is something wrong?" Chi Chi sensed something was wrong Cira and Bulma today. They looked worried. She wondered if it's Torie again. That girl always gets into trouble. She was so much like Vejita, who she didn't much like.

"It's nothing. We just have something to do, and it's not that convenient if Miko comes along." Bulma shrugged.

"You know I can look after Miko anytime." Chi Chi responded, not wanting to pry in their personally business.

"Thanks Chi Chi." Cira forced a smile. "Miko, be good and listen to Chi Chi-san." Cira planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Bye Miko. Bye Chi Chi." Bulma and Cira waved to both of them.

"Bye." Chi Chi waved.

"Bye bye Mommy!" Miko called out.

Trunks was getting impatient by the minutes. Where is he? It's been a couple of hours since Cell escape from him. If he still can't find him, Cell might start killing people. Then many innocent people will suffer and die. Trunks scowled at himself for being so careless. Trunks knew the consequenced of his action. He had experience it before. In the other timeline, Cell used this opportunity to absord life of people and progressed his power. In a short three day, Cell collected enough energy to surpass his father and Gokou-san, plus Androids 17 and 18. If it's not for the Room of Time and Space, they will all be dead. Provided the same thing happens now, Trunks might not be able to kill Cell without help of Gokou, Gohan, and his father. He was going to have to fight this one alone no matter what happens.

Trunks passed a small village on the way. The village seemed too quiet. No one was around on a sunny and warm afternoon. Weird Trunks landed in the middle of the village. All the doors were widely open, and articles of clothing were flying around everywhere. There were broken pieces of glass shattered on the floor. Guns and bullents lying everywhere. But he saw no one. Trunks swore under his breath. Shit! Cell came here already. I'm too late.

Trunk checked every house, but all of them seem to have the same fate. When Trunks was about to leave, he heard a weak cry from a baby. The cry came from the house on his left. He went to examine it. This house was empty like all the others. The noise came from a small little chest. A baby boy was wrapped securely in a small blanket. His cheeks were swollen from crying. His parents obviously know of their cruel fate and decided to hide their baby in the chest, hoping he'll be safe. As he picked up the baby, angers started to arouse within him. He gritted his teeth and blamed himself for all this. If only he could be more careful and brief, Cell wouldn't have a chance to flee. Cell should have been dead when the fight didn't begin. If only he didn't desire a real challenge. The rising of his energy startled the little boy, making him cried even harder. Trunks calmed himself down. He looked at the baby boy and sigh. I"ll make sure you'll grow up in a peaceful world. He carried the baby and flew off, planning to drop this new orphan at Chi Chi-san's house until there is a new home for him.

"Where do you think she can be?" Cira sat in her seat uncomfortably, adjusting the position every second. She was worried about Trunks and now Torie. She looked like she just age ten years in just one day.

"Relax, Cira." Bulma couldn't blame Cira for being so worried. It was her first time actually has to worry about her families. Bulma on the other hand has a lot of experience in this matter. She spent half of her youth worrying about someone. Ever since that day she met Gokou in the countryside, life was never the same for her. She went through countless adventures and dangers searching for the dragonball. At those times, she feared for her own life as well as Gokou. When things finally settled down, Gokou's brother came to their planet with stories of Gokou's true origin. Gokou's brother, Radditz, threatened to kill every living things on the planet. She had to worry about the fate of the planet. There were many toerhes invasion. Her dead husband, Vegeta, was one of the people who tried to destroy her world. The adventures never seemed to end. Her worst time was when the androids killed everyone she known and loved. Vegeta died tryin to protect her and maybe even the planet he sworn to destroy. Her only true peaceful time was the past fifteen years, but destiny has a way of playing with us.

"You teach me how to be calm! My husband didn't come back from gods know where. Torie left without saying a word. You know there will be danger, Bulma-san! How can I be calm!?" Cira's outburst startled herself. She fell back on her chair, drained from all her emotions. "Gomen nasai, I didn't mean to scream."

Bulma looked at Cira, feeling sorry for her. "It's all right. WE are all stressed out by this."

"What's that?" Cira pointed at a crowd of people running rapidly everywhere. "What happen there?"

"I don't know. Let's check it out." Bulma pulled the steering whell forward, ready for a quick landing. "Maybe Trunks or Torie are there." Bulma said hopefully.

"They landed inside a deserted park. There was noise everywhere. People screaming, baby crying, car crashing, and guns firing all over the place.

Cira and Bulma walked toward the street, curious at all the commotion. It seemed everyone has gone mad today. While standing there, Bulma was almost knocked over by a herd of people. "What's everyone rush?" She screamed, annoyed.

Cira held on to Bulma. "Something must be really wrong here. Everyone seemed scared."

Bulma nodded in agreement. "I'm going to investigate."

"Are you crazy? There must be something dangerous in there for everyone to act like this. And you want to investigate?!" Cira exclaimed.

"Hai." Bulma replied. "I'm not taking any chances. Torie might be in there." Whenever there's trouble, Torie bound to be there.

"I'm going, too." Cira doesn't like the sound of this, but her daughter might be in trouble. She has to go.

Bulma shook her head. "It's too dangerous for you. You should go back to Chi Chi's house and wait for me."

"No! I'm going." Cira protested. "If Torie is in there, I can't just sit around and wait."

Bulma finally gave in and allowed Cira to come. "We should split up, even though it's not safe, but it's faster that way. We should meet back here in fifteen minutes. When you sensed something is wrong, run." Bulma explained.

Cira was nervous at the idea of splitting up, but she agreed anyway. "Hai."

"Okay, I go this way." Bulma pointed to the east. "And you go that way." Bulma pointed to the opposite direction. "Remember to be back in fifteen minutes."

Cira nodded faintly. She stared at where Bulma pointed. She could see people clumsily trying to excape. At what? She doesn't know. Bulma disappeared to the east side. Holding her breath, Cira started toward her direction.

Bulma was pushed left and right, while she strolled down the streets. She stopped one of the people on the street. "What happened here?" Bulms demanded. She held to the woman firmly, fearing she might escape.

"Why are you still here? Everyone were running for their life. You should run before he gets you too." The woman rambles, trying desperately to free herself.

"I'm asking you, what happened here?" Bulma repeated, frustrated at the woman.

"You don't understand. We have to leave. He is going to kill us all. Let me go!" The woman cried.

"I'm not letting you go until you tell me who." Bulma demanded again.

"I don't know. Something green with a tail." The woman replied.

Bulma released the woman's arm. The woman ran away quickly, barely kept her balance. Bulma stood there expressionless. No...not again.. Bulma's heart sank. "Kuso! Cira!" She remembered Cira was off by herself. If it's Cell causing all this commotion, Cira might be in extreme danger. Bulma turned around and ran back to Cira.

Cira walked slowly, screaming Torie's name. On the way, Cira noticed clothes floating around on the street. People must have abandoned everything they own. Cira felt chilly as the wind fiercely blew by her. She wrapped her arms around herself. Great! She thought bitterly. I can't find Torie or Trunks, and I'm stuck out here in the cold with no idea of what's going on. Suddenly Cira heard a horrifying scream in one of the alleyway. Indecisive of what to do next, Cira stood still. She remembered Bulma told her to run if something might be wrong. But curiousity got the better of her. She wanted to see what could have caused someone to scream like that. Cira finally decided to check it out. She tiptoed softly to the alleyway. Wehn she got there, she peeked inside. Her eyes widened as she saw the cause of the scream. She almost let out a scream herself. Luckily she managed to control herself in time. She saw a young girl, near the age of 10 being drained of everything by a hideous monster.


Cell grinned as he savoury finished his meal. His power increasing every time he absorbs someone. If he keeps this up, he would be able to destroy Trunks soon. Cell threw the clothing of the pathetic human girl away. She did taste rather good. He thought, grinning again. Suddenly, Cell heard and felt someone spying on him nearby. Could it be Trunks? No..Cell dismissed the thought. Trunks wouldn't have spied on him. Trunks will just come out and beat the crap out of him. The person who is spying has a low ki. Another meal? So fast? I can't believe my luck today. Cell laughed out loud. Cell slowly exited the alleyway.


"Shit!!" Cira looked desperately around, searching for an escape route. That thing was coming her way slowly. If she runs now, that thing will definitely know she was here. Cira held her breath and pray that he doesn't know she's here. Cira shut her eyes tightly. She could hear her hert beating faster and louder every second. Trunks! Help me!! She cried in her head. The footstep inched closer and closer to her. When she snapped open her eyes, the thing was in front of her. "No!!" She cried. Cira turned hastily around and ran, but she felt a tight grip on her shoulder.

"Where do you think you are going?" Cell hissed, pulling her back.

Cira's body shook with fear. She realized that instant she will never see Trunks again. She blamed herself for being too nosy. Why did I come here? She asked herself. Why didn't I listen to Bulma and went home? Now it's all too late. In the next few minutes, she is going to have a taste of death. Her only regrets is not able to see her family for the last time. But she's not going out without a fight. Cira turned to face Cell and threw a punch in Cell's face with all her strength.

Cell was a little startled, but then chuckled at her effort. "It's hopeless to escape me. It's better if you don't. I promise I'll let you have a fast and clean death."

Cira spitted in his face. "Damn you to hell!"

"Ahh...A girl with an attitude. You should be proud to know, I enjoy killing you more than the others." Cell said, wiping the spits off his face.

"You can't even lay a finger on me if my husband is here!" Cira threatened. "If he's here, you'll know the feeling of death.

Cell howled. "Such pathetic creatures like you human can barely hurt me, what makes you think your so called husband can kill me?"

It was Cira's turn to laugh. "If you kill me, my husband will avenge me, and then you are going to be in my shoes, begging for mercy."

Cell was no longer amused. "Who is this man?!" Cell demanded, squeezing her shoulder harder.

Cira winced in pain. "You don't need to know who he is. All you need to know is he will be the one that's going to kill you." Cira said, not caring if her statement will anger Cell furthermore.

Cell's face flushed with anger. This little bitch gave him all this craps about someone can easily killed him and she won't tell him who. Her stupid little game was agitating him. "Doesn't matter who you husband is, even if he's that strong, he's not here to save you now." Cell snickered, swinging his tail above her head, sliding it around her face. Cell licked his lips. "You should be honored to be a source of my energy." Cell grinned wickedly as he stabbed Cira in the neck.

Cira screamed hysterically. She punched and kicked Cell with every thing she got, but Cell did not let go of her. "Let go of me..." Cira's voice slowly faded away.

Cell ignored her screams. The powers these humans gave him were incredible. I can gather enough power sooner than I thought. Cell thought, smiling. But this woman gave him a troubled feeling. Who was she referring to?He asked himself.

Cira felt her whole body numbing. She no longer has the energy to scream or fight back. Her eyes slowly closing. She couldn't believe her life would end this way. Before she fell into total darkness, she heard someone screaming her name from a distant. Too late...She thought sadly.

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