Ghost from the Past
Chapter 2

Trunks flew a distant from Capsule Corps. He powered up to gain more speed. He has to find out who this person is. Who is he? Why does his ki seem so familiar? Strangely, he has a feeling he had been there before, a long long time ago.

The ki was getting closer and closer. He was almost there. He wondered who could possibly posses a power so great. Could it be? No it can't. He was destroyed fifteen years ago. It just can't be. But... At that time, Trunks finally arrived. He looked around slowly. He remembered this place well. It was the place where he defeated and killed Cell. He dissinagrated him to ashes. He couldn't come back to life, there was no way he could he still be alive. Trunks reassured himself. Besides Cell powers wasn't even close to the power he sensed now.

"It's been a long time, Trunks." A familiar voice called out from behind. Trunks turned around. Color drained completely from his face and his body tensed. There standing before him was his old enemy, Cell. He still has his green tail, which he used to absorb millions of people to gain power in the past. He wouldn't possibly posessed this much power in this stage, unless he went absorbing humans again. But he would have notcie his ki if Cell did such things. "It's good to see some old friends again." Cell laughed.

"How?" Trunks studdered. Confusion spreaded throughout his face. "How could it be? I defeated you fifteen years ago. How can you still be alive?"

Cell smiled viciously. "Well....that was something even I can't believe. When you blow me up to ashes, a tiny pieces of my cell still live. It began to form, slowly at first, and more rapidly later." Cell's voice started to rise. "Did you know it takes me seven years to grow back to this form. SEVEN YEARS!!!"

"Why do you seek revenge now, after fifteen years? Why not after you grow to orginial forms?" Trunks questioned him out of curiousity. On the other hand, Trunks cross examined Cell to see how powerful he became. Cell was like a whole new person now. His power could easily matched up with the Perfect Cell in the other timeline. Where he got all the powers? He has to keep his guard up, because this won't be an easy fight.

"You hurt me pretty bad after our first encounter, it takes time to recover." Cell replied, inching closer to Trunks every second. "I spend the remaining eight years to rest and slowly regain the power I lost. Amazingly, I've gained more than I originally possessed." Cell threw another vicious laughter. "I think I've explained enough!! Now it's your turn to pay!"

This time it was Trunks' turn to laugh. "What makes you think you can defeat me now, when you can't even hurt me before?" Trunks charged up, but still remain his regular saiyajin forms. "But I'm glad you came, I was getting bored of this peaceful life. I need some challenge."

Cell gritted his teeth. "Are you looking down on me?! I'll make you pay twice as much!" Cell powered up.

Trunks stared at Cell with a snickered, "You waited fifteen years just for another defeat? I pity you."

You will soon find out who shall has the last victory." Cell smirked and flew toward Trunks with blinding speed, even Trunks wasn't ready for the attack. Trunks was thrown off guard with a punch in his left jaw. This sent Trunks flying straight into a huge mountains.

Torie peeked out her room. All the lights were turned off. Torie let a sign of relief. Good! Everyone is sleeping. She tiptoed to the window and quietly opened it. Torie jumped out and flew off. Finally there is some action going on here. Torie couldn't help but smile to herself. Where are they? She searched desperately for her father's ki. She felt the ki about 3256 miles away from her house. It will take time to get there. Please don't finish fighting without me. With that thought, she increased her ki and flew faster.

Trunks came out the mountain with blood on his mouths and jacket. "I see you not only became strong, but sneaky as well." Trunk wiped the blood from his mouth with his sleeve. "There will be more sneaky attacks. Now show me what you really got." Trunks powered up some more and flew toward Cell. He tried to throw a punch, but surprisingly Cell blocked it without efforts.

"There is no hope of winning me in your form." Cell said with full confidence. Cell stood in midair with thin smile on his face. "Turn to Super Saiyajin, maybe the fight might last a little longer."

This angered Trunks. His vein on his forehead started to show and his hand clenched tightly together. "Don't over-estimate yourself." Trunks sprung forward ready to kick Cell in the stomach, but once his kick lands where Cell stomach was, he disappeared.

"You got to be quicker than that." Cell mocked from behind.

Trunks tried to attack again, but cell anticipated every moves Trunks made. Impossibe!

"Is that the best you can do?" Cell laughed, throwing another punch aiming for Trunks chest. This time the pain sent him sprawling on the ground.

"I see the only way I can defeat you is in my Super Saiyajin forms." Trunks gasped, holding his chest.

"You still won't be able to defeat me, but the fight will be a little more interesting." Cell smirked with victory closer to his side.

Trunks noticed his tail swinging behind him. "Do you still have any need for your tail?"

"I doubt it since you're going to die today, but then again, I might just kill for the fun of it." Cell roared, whipping his tail on the ground.

"I see." It's was Trunks turn to smile. "Shall we continue with our fight?" Trunks screamed when he power up to Super Saiyajin. His purple hair spiked up in the air, and it slowly turned golden. His blue eyes now truned to greenish-blue. Golden auras and electric sparks surrounded him. The surge of energy vibrating violently through mountains and trees, shaking the earth. Trunks flew behind Cell in a matter of seconds and elbow his back, senting him straight at Cell. Wehn Cell saw ti coming, he used his hand to smack it away. This left him with numbness on his hand.

"Impressive." Cell complimented lightly. "I guess this is going to be fun after all." His face lifted with excitement.

Torie flew past many cities on her way. As she looks down, the streetlights beautifully lit up the place. Seh saw people busily walking onteh streets doing their Christmas shopping; fake Santa Claus greeting whoever passes him; car honking in the traffic; little kids running around playing their little games. She remembered when she was young, the cities weren't the same. Buildings was demolished; parks was wrecked, and there wasn't much people as there is now. People were just getting use to living in a peaceful world. She hoped nothing will happen to change all that.

Torie shook herself from her thoughts and concencrated on her father's ki. Only fifty more miles until she'll get there. Good, I'm almost there. She sensed two very powerful kis. One of them belonged to her father, but she couldn't make out the other one. They must be battling by now. Damn! I'm late!

Trunks and Cell began a real fight. Both speeding up to the highest mountains, testing each other speed. Trunks got there first with cell only a second behind him. Trunks turned around and sent a blow in Cell's face. Cell who has been caught by surprised returned a punch into Trunks' midriff. Both throwing punches and kicks toward each other. At one point, Trunks let down his guard, which allows Cell to grab him by the leg. Cell spun him around and swung him toward another mountains. Trunks shoot into the center of the mountain, causing heavy rocks to fall rapidly on him. Trunks came out the mountains with his jacket all torned up. Scratches and bruises were visible all over his body and face. Ont he other hand, there wasn't any sustained injuries shown on Cell.

Breathing hard, Trunks tried to attack again, lunging toward Cell with another fury of blows. Cell caught one of Trunks' fist with his hand. He held it firmly without letting go. Trunks used his other fist and threw another punch, but Cell caught it also. Helplessly, Trunk jerked his head back and forward into Cell's face. Cell cried as the pain deeply inflicted him. Cell cursed silently as he rubbed his head.

"Baka!" How dare you?" Cell growled.

Trunks grinned slowly. "This is just a warmup, and I know you are holding back." Trunks ripped off his jacket and threw it behind him. "Shall we start again?"

Cell returned the grin. "I'm glad you're holding back,too. It will be really disappointing to know you already reached your max." Cell crouched into a fighting position.

Torie finally reached her destination. She planned to fly straight to the battleground to help her father, but something stopped her. Instead she hid behind a big sized rock and watched from afar. She doesn't know why she stopped, the uncomfortable feeling kept on following her. It didn't struck her until she got within thirty feet of the fight. She could feel the power blasting from both sides. She hadn't seen this much power coming from her father before. Looking up with admiration, she couldn't recall a time when her father unveiled the Super Saiyajin form to her. She only heard about it, never can she ever imagine such tremendous power can be releashed. Her eyes switched to the one before her father. He looked like a lizard, big and green with dots all over him. The thing that caught her attention most was his tail, long with an orange pin at the the tip. Who is he? She wondered. She realized he holds the same amount of power as her father, if not greater. She sensed something strange from this thing ki. Nani?! How can he has otousan's ki in him. Confused, she decided to watch the upcoming battles.

From where she stood, she could only make out movements from their mouths. She ws unable to listen to what they're saying. But she could see clearly enough, even though it's way past midnight. Torie looked up in the sky. Morning is almost here. Her mother will soon find out she's missing. Torie disregarded that thought and returned to the battle. Her mouth dropped open when she saw her father being attack by multi-fireballs. She grabbed hard against the rock, deciding if she should help or stay. "Otousan..." She whispered.

Trunks blocked with two arms crossed in front of him as the fireball launched toward him one after another. As each one hits him, he inched backward until his back was against the tree. He could feel his hand numbing. This is enough! I have my fun! Trunks bared his teeth and power up some more. An aura of light wrapped around him as he screamed loudly, echoing through the deserted land. Cell's fireball dissolved as it hit his aura's of light. He slowly walked toward Cell, with a twisted look on his face. "You cause enough damage." Trunks scowled. "I will not allow this to continue." Trunks raised his hand and flatten his palm, aiming for Cell's chest. He let out a huge fireball. Cell ws relief when he dodged the fireball, but was interrupte by the sudden attack from behind, followed by another on in his side. Trunks with both hand whacked Cell in the back, senting him shooting downward. Before Cell hits the ground, Trunks kicked him back into the air and throw a fireball in his chest. Cell screamed in agony as the fireball hits him.

Torie grinned when she saw her father attacking Cell unmercifully. She never seen this side of her father before. To her, he was always calm and in control. Right now, the father in front of her has a savage, twisted and out of control look. It seemed like he's ready to kill anything in his way. If she didn't know him all her life, she couldn't really say for certain that he is her father. It scared her, but at the same time, it brought a new respect towards him.

Trunks with one hand held Cell by the neck, squeezing it firmly, letting him hang in the air. "You wish you never come back to life." Trunk said as he squeezed harder. Cell growled as he was gasping for air. Trunks formed a fist and sent a blow into Cell's midriff. Cell coughed out blood which splashed it all over Trunks' face. Trunks continously sent punches upon Cell. Trunks grinned evilly and let go of Cell. Cell kneeled on the ground before Trunks, breathing and coughing hard. "You calculated wrong Cell. It's true you became stronger, but it's still no match for Super Saiyajin 2." Trunks laughed and then kicked Cell aside. "Look at you. So pathetic!" Trunks kicked him again. Cell tried to get up but fall back down.

I'm not ready.. Cell frowned. While Trunks was abusing him, Cell looked up in the sky. An idea clicked in his head. Something that might save his life for now. Cell quickly gathered his last bit of his energy and formed a fireball. When he threw it toward Trunks, Trunks blocked it just as he planned. Cell took this opportunity and darted up to the rising sun. Trunks snared as he realized he had been tricked. "I'm might be able to defeat you now, but I will still live. Remember this clearly, history shall repeat itself." Cell cried out and let out a special attacks he got from Tienninshan's cell, the Sun-Attack. Without warning, a bright flash filled the open land.

Trunks was blinded by the bright flash. When his vision came back, Cell was gone. "NO! Damn!! He used that move again, that sneaky bastard!!" Trunk looked around, frowning when Cell's ki disappear, just as he expected. Trunks heard rocks falling nearby. He went to investigate, and found Torie behind the rock, also blinded by Cell's attack.

"What in the world...?" Trunks' surprised turned to anger.

Torie recovered from the blindness. She saw her father staring angrily at her. "" Torie studdered.

Trunks raised his hand and smacked her across the face, stingin her deeply. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?" Trunks bursted.

Torie was stunned by her father's reaction. She placed her hand on her stinging cheeks. It was her first time seeing her father so mad. Holding back her tears, she answered. "I..I..was here to see if you need any help."

"Go home NOW!" Trunks demanded. "I'll deal with you when I get home."

"Hai, otousan." Torie quickly gathered herself together and flew off

Trunks stared followed her until she's out of sight. He scanned around and make sure Cell is really no longer here. The only thing on his mind now was hoping Cell doesn't go around killing people.

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