Ghost from the Past

Chapter 1

Darkness surrounded the place where he slumbers, where no lights can pass through. For fifteen long years, he finally awakens. The first thing he remembered was his defeat by some low-class piece of scrums, and the first thing that crossed his mind was revenge. Someone is going to pay. Blood will spill again. This time, he will show no more mercy.

Feeling stressed out from working at his mother's company and tired from his training, Trunks retired to the balcony. When he stepped outside, a light breeze of wind gently bleew his long and silky hair over his face. Trunks liked the feeling of the wind. It's warm and relaxing and it gave him a sense of inner peace.

He walked to the balcony's rail and stretched his arm widely, letting out a huge sigh. He looked down at the city, it's already been fifteen years. He thought. Everywhere now are fully repaired from the destruction. During the first few years, thing had been hard. There were not enough food and energy for everyone. Many of those who fortunely survived from the Androids' attack did not survived from the lack of food. Trunks and his mother did everything they could to help. His mother built a device that make artificial but edible food. He helped with the heavy labor, building houses and sometimes farming. After a couple of years, all the cities and villages were back to normal. The population increased slowly over the years.

Trunks looked at the city once more. He could see the lights lit up brightly throughout the whole place. Even though it's already dark outside, there were still people staggered around ont he streets, laughing and talking. They weren't afraid anymore, because they knew the earth had found its peace. Trunks smiled. Humans were so simple, he thought. They could erased anything that's tragic so easily from their memories. The events that took place were just nightmares. Once they woke up, the nightmares are over. Maybe that's not a bad thing. He sighed. But he had not forgotten, he remembered everything as if it just happened yesterday.

Cira found the balcony's door wide open. She suspected that Trunks might be out there again. Why does he go out there so much these day? Something must really be bothering him. Cira stepped outside, but Trunks doesn't seem to notice her presence. Cira quietly walked behind him and wrapped her arms around him. "What's wrong?" Cira asked softly, resting her head on his back.

"Nothing. I just want to get some fresh air." Trunks said, turning around to face Cira. He smiled warmly. "What can be wrong with you here by my side."

Cira blushed. She raised her head to meet Trunks' face. After thirteen years of living with this man, her love for him hadn't die. She thought of the first time she met Trunks. She couldn't believe someone who looked this good can be so timid. If she hadn't make the first move into talking to him, they might never end up married. She chuckled to herself as she remembers their first encounter.

She remembered that day was filled with sunshine. The weather was quite humid. She was sitting behind the counter aggravated by the heat. And then he came in. He had on a black tight tank-top and a pair of pale pants. His hair was pale and short. The thing that captured her attention the most eas his eyes. It was mysterious and sad. She stared at him as he walked around looking for the items he needed. She found him peeking at her from time to time. Each time she caught him peeking, he blushed.

"Can I help you?" Cira asked, her eyes still following his every moves.

"Umm..I..umm..need..chips for my computer." He finally managed to get the words out. cria noticed his face turned bright red when she stares at him.

"What kind of chips for what kind of computer are you looking for?" Cira asked, half teasing him.

Cira couldn't keep herself from laughing when his eyes widened. His face turned into shock when she asked that questions.

"!! I forgot what my mother wants. She's going to kill me!." He said, slapping his forehead a few time.

"You forgot?" Cira giggled.

He nodded nervously. Embarassed for being so absent-minded, especially in front of a girl. "Maybe I'll come back later when I remember. Bye." He rushed out the door without looking back.

"Wait!" Cira called out. "Can I ask for your name?"

He stopped in front of the door and turned around, surprised at her request. "Trunks."

Cira was shocked when she found out the person in front of her was Trunks. "You were the one who destroyed those tin cans?" She couldn't pictured this shy and handsome man to be the one who saved the world.

"Hai. Why? Is it that hard to believe?" Trunks smiled.

It was her turned to be tongue-tied. " It just that I'm finally able to meet the legendary hero who defeated those monsters."

Trunks blushed slightly from the compliment. "I'm no hero. I just did what I was supposed to. I got to go. I'll come back tomorrow for the chips."

Cira wanted to tell him how much she worshipped him from when she was a kid, even though she never seen him before until today. But all she could do was nod. " the name is Cira."

"Nice to meet you, Cira." Trunks said, smiling. "See you tomorrow." He waved and left.

"Cira?" Cira heard Trunks calling her. "Oh..sorry." Cria said when she snapped out of her daydream.

"You dazed off for a while there." Trunks said. "Am I that boring to be around with?" Trunks joked.

Cira punched Trunks playfully on his arm. "You're the most boring person I've ever met."

Trunks pretended to be hurt. "I guess you married the wrong person all these years."

Cira laughed. "I guess I did."

What were you daydreaming of?" Trunks asked suspiciously.

You, of course, silly." Cira said. "Remember the first time we've met?"

"Of course, how can I ever forget." Trunks grinned. "When I walked into your store, I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. That doesn't happen to most guys, you know." Trunks meant every word he said. Cira has these beautiful long red hair that runs down to her waist. Her green eyes were so sharp and keen, it makes him feel like he couldn't hide anything from her. But what he loves most about her were her bold, innocent, and cheerful personalities. She always cheered him up when he's feeling down. He admitted, sometimes she could be a little bossy like his mother.

Cira was pleased when she heard that. "You never said anything about me being the most beautiful girl."

Trunks chuckled. "What else do you think can make me forget the things I have to buy that day."

Cira hadn't seen this side of Trunks before. He did compliment her before, but never like this. He seemed to be in a very good mood. And that doesn't happen often.

"Maybe she should head to bed now." Cira grinned, grabbing Trunks' hand and led him to the door.

Trunks laughed loudly. "So early?" Cira gave him a murderous stare. Truks laughed harder and brought his hands in front of his face, fearing Cria might attack him. "Ok..let's go to bed."

They all thought he was dead, perished from the surface of the world. How wrong! They will soon learn that the best does not die. They will suffered the pain like he did, especially Trunks. Trunks wil be shock to find him alive.

He was weak once, but now he is strong, even though it took fifteen years. He could feel the day to avenge his defeat approaching. With a grin of future victory on his face, he rested again.

"Papa! Papa!" Miko screamed.

"What's all these noise?" Bulma complained when she walked into the living room.

"Grandma!" Miko cried. Both Miko and Torie were in the air floating.

Miko! Torie! What's going on? Come down here right NOW!" Bulma yelled as her feet clumsily stepped on a wrecked dinosaur figures. She scanned the room. Toys were scattered everywhere, her favorite vase broken to pieces on the floor. "Kuso..What a mess! Where is your parents?" Bulma massaged her temple slowly.

Both of them came down obediently. Miko skipped to Bulma happily; Torie's eyes wandering on her feet.

"We were practicing a move papa shoed us." Miko said with a big smile on his face. "But Torie said I was doing it wrong, so now we are looking for papa."

"BAka! How many times do I have to tell you two. NO FIGHTING in the HOUSE!" Bulma placed one hand on her hips and the other shaking her finger at them. "Do I have to punished you? Damn you father for teaching you two how to fight."

Kids...Bulma rolled her eyes. They could drive any sane person crazy. She ws sl luchy Vegeta only gave her one, but Trunks has to put two little devil into this world to drive her nuts. I'm getting to old for this.

"I'm sorry Grandma, I didn't mean to make you mad." Miko forced his tears to come out. He know crying will get him out of any trouble. Miko began to sniffle and suddenly he burst into tears. His small chubby hands rubbed against his eyes as the tears rapidly rolled down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry too." Torie said with a disapproving look toward Miko. "We won't do it next time." Bulma attentions focused only on Miko. She hardly heard a word from Torie.

"Shhh-hh Miko, I'm not mad at you." Buma felt guilty for raising her voice. She bent down to gave Miko a hug and tried to calm Miko down by making funny faces. Miko stopped wailing and began to giggle.

Torie snickered in the corner. Miko is so spoiled. Torie crossed her arms and walked out the living room with her head held up high. I will never cryb like a baby. Torie saw her mom down the hall rushing to see what's going on. Spoiled brat! Better get some fresh air before I die from all these dramatic scenes Miko has created again. She peeked back into the living room. She saw her mother and grandmother playing with Miko. Miko beamed at the attention he's getting. Torie made a digusted face and left the house.

Torie flew off into the mountains where she prefers to be. When she got to ther favorite spot, she saw her father. He was in one of his thinking mood again. She couldn't understand her father. He always seemed depress. She know that her father had been through a lot when he was a kid, but that ws a long long time ago. He had never been truly happy. Torie tried to decide if she should bother her father or not. She finally decided to leave her father alone. When she was about to leave, her father called her.

"Come here, Torie." Truks motioned her to sit next to him. She walked slowly toward her father. She always respected him, ever since she was little girl. He was powerful and smart. She took their sparring lessons seriously, because she wanted to grow as strong as he was.

"Why are you out here? Trunks asked in a soft tone. "Did you have a fight with Miko again?" Trunks knew this is Torie's favorite spot. She came here whenever she's unhappy or when she got into an agrument with Miko.

Torie sat next to her father but looked away. "No."

Trunks sensed the annoyance in Torie's voice. "I know how you see your brother. You think he is weak because he cries a lot, right?"

Torie stayed silent. It's true what her father said. She hated Miko because he shows no love for fighting.

"You have to understand, he is still too young. Besides he is anything but weak, because he has my blood in him, like I have my father's in mine." Trunks continued to explained. He looked at Torie and smiled. "I never told you this, but I was once thought the same way by my father. He disapproved me in every way. He thinks I'm too weak to be a warrior, because I was too sentimental."

"Grandfather didn't like you?" Torie asked with curiousiy. Anything about her grandfather and her father's past intrigued her. She loved these once in a blue moon conversation with her father. She sat there staring attentively at her father, listening closely.

"He was too proud to show any emotion toward anyone, including me." Trunks said. "You remind me a lot of your grandfather. You have his pride and his determination, and sometimes you are a little too proud." Torie never knew that her father thought of her this way. "Since you are a girl, I'm surprised you inherited more of your grandfather's saiyajin's blood than Miko." Trunks paused to look at Torie. She looked tomboyish for a girl who is ready for her teens. She inherited her mother's beautiful red hair which she chose to wear it short. For some reason, Torie never smiles. She always wear Vegeta's favorite scowl.

"How was he really like? You never told me anything about your adventures to the past." Torie complained. She learned only so little from her grandmother. She knew her father went back to the past and save the future, but she is clueless when it comes to the battles that took place not to mention her legendary grandfather, Vegeta.

The things that happened in the past is beyond words, you have to experience it yourself." Trunks explained. "I went to the past hoping to change the future, but instead I made it worst. Luckily, your grandfather, Gokou-san, and Gohan-san are powerful warriors. They defeated Cell in their time to save their future and I have grown strong enough to save mine." Trunks stared into the empty platform. His thoughts float back to the past. He wished he could stay there with everyone whom he became so attached to. "But the past is the past." He said sadly.

"Otousan? Don't you feel sad? There is no one here you can fight with." Torie asked even though she knew the answer. She felt so bored living in this peaceful world. All the techniques and moves her father taught her had gone to waste. There was no crimes, no danger, and no one except her father could match up to her strength. She remembered when she was yond in elementary school, she picked fights with boys in the middly school. She always end up kicking their ass. Sometimes she wished she could be borned early and fight alongside with her father.

Trunks didn't respond. Torie asked him a question he tried to ignored throughout these fifteen years. He thought his family can replaced his need to fight and the lost of all his friends. But a piece in his heart is always missing without them. Therefore he can never be truly happy.

"I think we should head back home, before you mother starts to worry." Trunks stood up.

"Hai." Disappointment shown all over her face. She wished her father can tell her more. She wanted to know why her father always feel so depressed. She got up and patted the dust off her pants.

Trunks detected Torie's disappointment. "I'll tell you more later." Trunks smiled. "There's more time to learn everything. But for now, we need to head home."

"Hai." Torie felt much better.

"Let's go." Trunks flew off and Torie followed.

"Ah...finally I'm fully rested." He stood up and break through the layer of walls that surrounds him with no efforts. "Incredible." He said to himself as he felt the big surge of newfound powers flowed through his body. "Incredible." He laughed as he powers up his ki, just enough to let Trunks know his is ready for him. "It's's time for your turn to DIE!! Trunks!!"

"Stop eating so fast, Torie. It's not polite for a girl to eat like this." After all these years living with Trunks, Cira still doesn't believe the amount of food Trunks and his kids could eat. She was so lucky Bulma helped her out with dinner, or else she'll have to spend the whole day in the kitchen.

"That's how saiyajin behave. You should learn by now." Bulma bursted into laughter, seeing Cira face turned to disgust.

"Even so, a lady should behave like a lady." Cira said. Plates after plates of food rapidly disappear on the table on the table. Trunks and Torie couldn't seem to stop eating. "You don't see Miko eats like that."

"That's because Miko inherited more human side than saiyajin, I suppose." Bulma replied.

Trunks stopped eating and watched them argue and complain. It amused him how they can argue about the same thing everyday.

"Didn't you hear me, Torie?" Cira yelled. Torie ignored Cira and went on with her meals.

Just let her be, Cira." Trunks said.

It's no use reasoning to them about food. Saiyajin best interests is fighting and food. Believe me, it's a waste of time." Bulma reasoned to Cira.

Cira gave up. "I guess you're right." Cira turned her head to Trunks and glared at him. "You're going to do grocery shopping tomorrow."

Trunks nodded with his mouth filled with food. Cira's face turned to disgust again. "Erk! Stop that Trunks!"

"Gomen nasai." Trunks said when he finished swallowing the food. Everyone laughed.

Just then Trunks felt a strong ki rising gradually from someplace afar. This ki felt familiar. He knew this person or thing, but he couldn't figured out who yet. Whoever it is, he's powerful. Maybe even more powerful than himself.

"What's wrong?" Bulma asked. She saw Trunks looking around nervously.

"Nothing." The increasing of the ki seemed to summon him. Trunks frowned. He has to find out what it is.

"You can't hide anything from me, Trunks. Tell me what's wrong!" Bulma demanded an answer from Trunks using her motherly tone. But Trunks didn't seem to hear her. Something is bothering her son. She seen those look before, and it doesn't lead to anything good. "Did you hear me?"

"Umm..oh..everything is fine, okaasan." Trunks' thought was at where the ki is. "Just finish dinner. I have something to do. It won't take me lond. Don't worry." Trunks got up from his seat and started out the door.

"Where are you going, Trunks?" Cira followed Trunks to the door. From the conversation between Bulma and Trunks, Cira knew something is wrong. "Let me go with you."

"No..I have to go by myself." Without letting Cira say another word, Trunks flew off.

"Where is papa going?" Miko asked, tugging on Cira's shirt.

"I don't know." Cira's voice was filled with concern and fear for Trunks' safety. Cira picked up Miko and prayed nothing is going to happen to Trunks.

Torie sensed the powerful ki, too, but she kept quiet. Her parents will disapprove if she wants to go along. She has to wait for the right time to sneak out. She really wanted to go and see, besides allt he years of hard training, she finally get to fight. Torie can hardly keeps her excitement down.

"Otousan will be all right, he is a strong fighter and he can take care of himself." Torie said. Torie got up from her seats and left. "I'm going to my room."

"Torie is right. Trunks will be okay." Torie heard her grandma says to her mom.

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